1. Selfridges Trails App

    A smartphone app that facilitates a new type of retail experience

  2. Andante

    Typeface designed for an arthouse film about a dream factory in post-industrial world

  3. Spotspot

    Visual identity for a London design studio that mixes digital with physical environments

  4. Learning Log

    Information graphics visualising one year’s learning

  5. Philips

    Stand guide designed for an exhibition of Philips LED technology

  6. Robyn Gordon

    Invitation designed for the artist’s yearly 1-day sale

  7. Mia & Jan

    Typographic illustration designed for the young couple’s wedding invitation

  8. Tactile Imagination

    Catalogue and invitation designed for an exhibition of Design Research staff


  9. City Recital Hall

    Redesign of a Concert Hall’s website, to enhance the appeal for classical music

  10. Claude's

    Website designed for a Sydney restaurant that balances tradition with innovation

  11. Artloft

    Visual identity and website designed for an art dealer and consultant

  12. Megan Sheerin

    Visual identity designed for a freelance writer, based around the written word

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